Saturday, November 24, 2012

As discussed earlier last Year

From: Marc Y. Belton
Sent: Wednesday, August 30, 2006 7:04 AM
Subject: Re: As discussed earlier last Year

I did communicated to you last Year about this clearance project, I never asked you to send me your Company Account information and feel bad that you could not reply back to me anymore, all I asked from you, was just to state that you Have a Company Bank Account or a high rate Bank Account that are used to run day to day Business activities, so that I could know the exact amount to be issued in a single transaction Company Check to be sent to your Company Account.
Or, do you want the total $879,570 clearance fees be issued to you in a single transaction Company Check? The reason I have to be keen on this is because without a Canadian or an American Company Account our affiliate Canadian or American Company would not issue out the clearance fees to you via an ordinary but mere Bank Account but if you are not in America or Canada, it then implies that, you shall exploit our semi Free clearance option via the project Broker's Office in Denmark.
As stated to you last Year, the main Fund's secret vault coded deposit $16,741,550 Fund's that you and I is to first cleared out belong to My Wife Sister and her Husband Fund's {Mr/Mrs Robert A. S. Neustadter, Britons}, And I did told you as at then that, they are the owners of the Fund's and it has now been moved from the UK London to Minnesota. I just want You and I to just assist them clear out the Fund's from the secret vault deposit coded position of my Bank as it was brought, so that the Fund's could be transferred in the ratio of $70% to the Account I have already opened in the name of the couple in my Bank, 15% to be transferred to me via my Wife Bank-Account, while 15% would then be transferred to you as your own share's, I can only send your own 15% of $14,187,825 =$2,128,173 at the end of the project to you via your same Company Account used to sponsor the Legal clearance papers documentation process but I can only do that whe n you and I might have first clea
Pursuant to the aforementioned, you are advised to send me your House Address, your personal contact phone number and the company name/Address you would want the Check be made on or send to.
Yours Truly.
Marc Y. Belton
Independent Director US-BANK
800 Nicollet Mall Minneapolis, MN 55402.


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