Thursday, May 23, 2013

U.S. Claims Services Inc [#Scam Email #Fraud]

From: "Mrs. Shirley Wysinger,"
Sent: Tuesday, May 21, 2013 5:35 PM
Subject: U.S. Claims Services, Inc...From The Desk of Mrs. Shirley Wysinger, Office. Administrator

U.S. Claims Services, Inc.
3801 Pegasus Dr Ste 101,
Bakersfield, CA 93308-6874***
From The Desk of Mrs. Shirley Wysinger, Office. Administrator.
Dear Beneficiary-,
We're the Financial Intelligence Organization, an arm of the US Treasury Department. We are in contact with you because an unclaimed money in your name is in the wrong hand down there in Africa-Nigeria. In compliance with the new financial laws (as amended from  Subsection 314(a) of the USA FINANCIAL Act of 2001) and screening procedures facilitated by the US federal law enforcement agencies to checkmate all financial institution, we are dedicated to reuniting individuals with their lost and forgotten money. It will interest you to know we work closely with the government in obtaining the most up-to-date information for unclaimed money. We utilize extremely accurate comprehensive data resources that enable us to connect lost and forgotten money with its rightful owner: YOU!
On a good note, we have been able to detect unscrupulous and unlawful movement of funds- in any of forms: tax refunds, proceeds earned from diversified portfolio, overseas derivative (investment) and inheritance funds through our network of financial organizations. With the aid of global tracking technology, we were able to trace this funds through local and foreign financial centers- both in Africa and worldwide. Fair enough, we have recently installed a Computer Assisted Inspection in all bank's database, to help us detect fraud in the line with funds movement at a glance!
The above statement is the reason for the US Money Regulatory Agency's Involvement in this. In this Internet age, privileged information often get to the wrong users. For instance, phishing attacks perpetrated by online hackers and crackers. One of our major objectives and measures we have embarked upon, apart from making sure that individuals receive their due claim, is to redress the financial irregularities, ills, and reduce the proliferation of scam preyed on the citizens of United States!
Following the recent verdict passed by a federal judge in Manhattan, it is resolved that all beneficiary receive their funds direct through our accredited financial agent- no longer by intermediary banks, either local or foreign! This is better to forestall discipline in the normal banking ethics, and rule out unnecessary red-tape among financial authorities, and ensure standard bank practice are observed to everyone's benefit.
To this end, we have issued a "stop order" to an impending transfer to Your family as opposed to the details on the transfer account. In order to reconcile this transfer, we need you to confirm if you or any of your family member has authorized your funds to this account below (and this name?).
Account Holder's Name: Steven Parkett John
Residential Address: 1672 Fife Way,
San Jose, CA 95132
Bank Accout #: 006108970
Routing #: 322271627- WMSBUS66
           1289 S. Park Victoria Ave
           Milpitas, CA 95035
Please ignore if you think you receive this letter in error. On the other hand if you have any connection with this, it is your sole right or responsibility to re-confirm your original payment instruction to our accredited financial agent below for immediate release of your funds.
TD Financial Group care of Mr. David Stephen
By E-mail:
E-mail us a feedback as soon as you are able to receive funds due to you, upon compliance with our no-rival financial condition- all to your benefit.
Complaint Contact: Mrs. Shirley Wysinger
(Office. Administrator)
National Claims Recovery Services.
C/O: Mr. Paul R. Hashim


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