Sunday, April 24, 2016

Your ATM Visa Card Payment

ATM Visa Card scam

Subject: Your ATM Visa Card Payment.

Attn Please
We have tried our best for you but it's quite unfortunate that you are not helping matters. Listen,
we don't have all the time to wait for you
because we have a time frame to conclude this transaction with you.
Sorry to say that but if you did not have the full amount to complete the delivery with the courier company to enable you receives your ATM Visa Card worth the sum of $2,500.000.00 usd, let us know.

Because i wonder why you are finding it difficult to comply with the fee for the delivery of your ATM Visa Card?, are you sure you're the real beneficiary of this ATM Visa Card await? I doubt, because if you are truly the beneficiary, you will make haste and do all it takes to receive it than back sliding.

Note: we cannot continue to waste our time over this payment of your ATM Visa Card because you show no interest to receive it. So if your ATM Visa Card  is cancel, that's because of your lack of seriousness and you should blame yourself for that not me or any one.

Our government is not happy with you because we have given you enough grace.

Therefore, we cannot continue to waste our time, so if you did not comply within 24hrs, we shall cancel your ATM Visa Card and use your approved ATM Visa Card to pay another serious beneficiary.

Go ahead and send the $155 to make sure that you have your total payment and then i will see what i can do to complete the rest money on your behalf.

Here is the information whee to send the money and get back to me with the Moneygram reference number and senders name as soon as you send the money today you will successfully get your ATM Visa Card today or tomorrow.

Below is the information to send the $155.usd through MONEYGRAM;

Receiver’s Name:...FRANCIS OKECHUKWU
Moneygram reference number:

Hope to hear from you with the payment details.

Yours sincerely
MR.ROBERT WALKER. Director Assets Recovery Fund.
Sent: Saturday, April 23, 2016 11:32 AM


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