Thursday, June 23, 2016

Reply Back for Your ATM Card

ATM Card scam

Subject: reply back for your ATM Card...

Urgent Attn; reply back for your ATM Card...

We The Coris Bank International Management wishes to inform you that we are in receipt of our ATM Card issued in your favor worth sum of US$2. 8 Million Dollars only, from FedEx Courier Company this morning and they asked us to cancel it, that you have refused to send the mailing fee of the ATM Master Card to your home address wish is US$75.

Note; The Coris Bank Director General demands for your immediate response in this regards to know if you truly ordered for your ATM Card cancellation because of mailing charge of $75, so you are hereby advised to contact General right away and let him know what the problem is,

Name; Mr Maxwell Felix
Phone; +229 99080-660
Contact him directly through this eMail; ( ) Or call him with above telephone line, in case you still wish to receive your ATM Card.

Please also re-confirm your full information such as your full name, address and telephone numbers to our Director General, should in care you still wish to receive your ATM Visa MasterCard to avoid any mistake towards the ATM Card shipment to your address,

Best Regard
The Coris Bank Management.
From: ""
To: Recipients  
Sent: Thursday, June 23, 2016 6:16 AM


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